An ancient game that was popular in ancient Egypt and the Roman empire, Nine Men's Morris
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Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men's Morris is an ancient game that was played in ancient Egypt, and throughout Europe since the time of the Roman Empire. It's fallen out of popularity in the last few centuries, for reasons that I cannot begin to understand.

This is an unfinished hobby project to create a web interface for where people can play nine men's morris.


The code is still a work in progress. You can compile the modules as well as a simple demo by running:

$ npm install   # to install dependencies
$ npm run build # to compile typescript code
$ npm run open  # to start an http server and open demo in a web browser
$ npm run cli   # to play nine mens morris from the command line

from the root directory of the project.

Game Play

  • Each player begins with nine pieces, either black or white stones.
  • They take turns placing the stones on the cross-points of a board (made of three interconnected concentric squares).
  • Any time a player gets gets three of their pieces in a row, they get to remove one of their opponent's pieces from the board.
  • After the players have placed all nine pieces, they take turns moving their pieces to an adjacent free space.
  • When a player is down to their last three pieces, they're one loss away from losing. So they are allowed to take desperate measures: they can jump their pieces to any free space on the board!